10 Top Yellowstone Attractions

Yellowstone National Park encompasses nearly 3500 square miles of lakes, canyons, rivers and mountains across Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. The park offers what is considered the country’s most beautiful vistas and untouched wilds, and all are accessible to its visitors. Known for its indigenous wildlife, rock formations, geysers, and hot springs, Yellowstone National Park has inspired writers, artists, and naturalists for almost 150 years. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to enjoy this area. Guides are plentiful in the park system, and can provide a wonderfully rich experience for first-time visitors. They have the knowledge and equipment to help you experience many of the less obvious wildlife in the park. The Following are some of the best Yellowstone attractions.

Grand Canyon – With its 24 miles of red and multi-colored rock cliffs and two powerful waterfalls, the v-shaped canyon can be enjoyed by walking along the many wooden boardwalks and viewing stations. There are excellent hiking trails on both sides of the canyon, and a number of trails, both short and long, begin in the canyon area. Be sure to pack food and water, and envelope yourself in the beauty of America’s first national park…READ MORE

Old Faithful – As one of the country’s greatest natural occurring attractions, Old Faithful continues to awe, inspire, and humble visitors since 1870 when Nathaniel P. Langford first saw “an immense volume of clear, sparkling water projected into the air to the height of one hundred and twenty-five feet.”

Together with the strong spray of water from nearby geysers, the bubbling sulpher “paint pots,” and pools of technicolor water (caused by various bacteria reacting with minerals in the ground), the Yellowstone geysers have inspired generations of family members to return to the park throughout the years…READ MORE

Lamar Valley – Considered the Serengeti of North America, Lamar Valley is where you’ll see great herds of bison graze and drink water at the river’s edge. The mountains that surround the valley offer a picturesque backdrop for viewing packs of wolves and coyote, and grizzly and black bears.

The best times for viewing wildlife is both at dawn and dusk, when you’ll have both beautiful lighting for pictures, and a greater opportunity to see rare wildlife sightings. Bald eagles, beaver, mountain goats, pronghorn sheep, ducks, great horned-owls and other birds can all be spotted with ease; however, you will enjoy closer viewing with use of binoculars or a spotting scope…READ MORE

Old Faithful Inn – As a national historic landmark, Old Faithful Inn is the most requested lodging facility in Yellowstone Park. Visitors today will find three floors surrounding the huge stone fireplace; a hand-crafted clock made of copper, wood and wrought iron; and numerous thick leather chairs.

The lobby of the Old Faithful Inn is just as breathtaking as it was in 1904, when a young American architect named Robert Reamer designed the hotel to give visitors a remarkable view of the geyser as they pulled up to the door…READ MORE

Artist’s Point – The exquisite colors of yellow, ochre, sienna and red combine with green, blue, and turquoise envelope the slopes of the Grand Canyon, to create Artist’s Point, Yellowstone Park’s most scenic vista. The light and shadows of the sun bring out different aspects of the canyon, making this a perfect location to spend time taking pictures, journaling, or simply meditating.

Visitors can reach can Artist’s Point by car, or by walking along the South Ridge Trail, a beautiful but often difficult walk. The overlook is a five minute walk from the parking lot and is wheelchair accessible. Although the parking area is large and fills quickly with tour buses and tour groups, you can still have a peaceful experience at Artist’s Point. Hike downstream from the overlook, or stay at Canyon Lodge and arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon to escape the tour bus crowds…READ MORE

Mammoth Hot Springs – The ghost-like formations of white limestone at Mammoth Hot Springs makes it one of Yellowstone Park’s most dynamic and best loved sites. Steam from the hot springs infuses the sunlight with a rainbow of colors, and the outdoor limestone stalagmites and stalactites are other-worldly.

There are beautiful hiking trails around the springs where you’ll find elk and other animals who like to herd nearby. Trails vary in length and intensity, so all levels of hikers can enjoy this area of the park. More adventurous travelers may choose to hike the longer and less popular trails which also offer breathtaking and inspiring views...READ MORE

Upper Geyser Basin – The Upper Geyser Basin’s five most popular geysers are known for their large and predictable eruptions. They include Old Faithful, Castle Geyser, Grand Geyser, Daisy Geyser, and Riverside Geyser. For an unforgettable showing of Nature’s artwork, wear comfortable shoes, and walk along some of the five-mile wooden boardwalk that ambles around the basin’s 410 geysers, vibrantly colored mineral pools, hot springs, steam vents, and mud pots…READ MORE

Yellowstone Outfitters – Through a variety of horseback and camping tours, Jett Hitt and his team of guides, horses, wranglers, and cooks bring park visitors into those wilds to experience the splendor of untouched American’s wilds. During the day, your guides will take you horseback riding, fly fishing, or hiking, or you can choose to simply rest and just enjoy the beautiful vistas. Pack trips canvas the entire 1,200 miles of trails in the park, and visitors will see the most important features that helped found Yellowstone National Park…READ MORE

On this Yellowstone attraction you will go through meadows, desert hoodoo (tall rock formations), forest, and mountain cliff trails, and is well-worth the price. The company provides well-informed, licensed guides; pack mules that carry personal belongings; well-trained horses, saddles and saddle bags; three-season tents; and three square meals per day.

Mt. Washburn – If you like high places, then this next Yellowstone attraction is for you. Mt. Washburn offers one of the best viewpoints of Yellowstone Park. At 10,243 feet, it is the largest mountain peak in the Washburn Mountain Range and it offers extraordinary views of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Lake, and the Grand Teton Mountains.

Visitors can reach the top of Mount Washburn by traveling either of the two stagecoach trails that lead to the summit. The mountain’s sub-alpine climate provides the perfect conditions for wildflowers. Here you’ll find wildflowers in every color , as well as prong-horn sheep, bears, coyote, and eagles in view, so pack a light-weight camera for amazing shots…READ MORE

Hayden Valley – Naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts love Yellowstone Park’s Hayden Valley. This lush green valley is best known as a flourishing wildlife habitat teeming with grizzly and black bears; herds of bison, elk, deer, and moose; and coyote, fox, and wolves.

Wildlife viewing is best at dawn and dusk, and the vista is spectacular with the Yellowstone River winding its way through the valley. Morning light is delightful for picture taking; as the dew evaporates off the cool earth below, it produces a morning mist that is absolutely ethereal, so be sure to bring a camera and several pairs of binoculars…READ MORE

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