Are the Yellowstone springs drying up?

Springs can be intermittent in their activity as the direction of flow and the amount of water changes over time. If it looks different it doesn’t mean it is drying up.

Are the Elks in the surrounding area tamed?

They are not tamed but due to regular visitors they have become accustomed to humans. However, keep your distance as mothers can get dangerous if anyone approaches their calves and bulls can get aggressive during the mating season.

Do these old buildings hold historic value?

Yes! The stone and wooden building you see once served the US Cavalry’s officers as their quarters from 1891 to 1918.

Are the hot springs safe for swimming?

Swimming in the hot springs is illegal as it can damage the thermal features and cause harm to your body.

Is Mammoth Hot Springs open during winter?

Yes, it is open during the winter season. You can enjoy cross-country skiing, snow-coach tours, ice skating, hot tub rental, snowmobiling, visit museums and go on self-guided or ranger guided tours.

When does the Echinus geyser erupt?

Depending on how long the previous eruption lasted, the Echinus geyser erupts every 35 to 75 minutes. Checking in with a ranger at the Norris Museum is always a good idea if you want to watch the next eruption.

Is it safe to walk off the boardwalk at places like the Norris Geyser Basin?

NO! It is not safe! These basins are constantly changing. There is a chance of boiling water surging under most basins and anyone caught can receive second & third-degree burns. There have been unfortunate incidents of people dying from falling into thermal features. Stay safe!

Is Old Faithful really faithful?

It depends as Old Faithful erupts almost 17 times a day and its eruption predictions are accurate 90% of the time. So considering these statistics, it is pretty faithful. When you visit it just be patient and it will show you its awesome geyser power!

Are we allowed to carry firearms inside the park?

A new federal law has been imposed as of February 22, 2010, that makes possessing firearms legal. However, it is the responsibility of the visitor to understand and comply with this law before entering the park. As Yellowstone lies in parts of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, with each state having different rules and regulations, you need to make yourself informed of these before entering the park.

Can we use firearms against animals?

Do not consider firearms as a protection strategy against wildlife. There are bear sprays and other safety precautions and proven methods to avoid interactions with the park’s wildlife.

What are the opening and closing seasons of Yellowstone National Park?

Please know that road construction takes place during summer. Make sure that you are aware of the roads that are under construction before visiting. If you are visiting between October and April then be aware that wheeled vehicles during this snowy time are not allowed due to the park roads being closed. Before planning a visit to Yellowstone National Park, educate yourself with the times of constructions and closures beforehand