Operating Hours & Seasons

If you are traveling to the Yellowstone National Park through the roads between the Northeast and the North entrances, auto travel is available throughout the year. From these routes, you will have access to areas like Mammoth Hot Springs and the northern range of wildlife and get to enjoy recreational activities like camping, hiking, fishing, camping and cross-country skiing. All other entrances of the park are open on a seasonal basis and follow some travel restrictions.

Park Entrances

The North Entrance located near Gardiner, MT is the only entrance open to vehicles all around the year.

The West Entrance located adjacent to West Yellowstone Town, MT is open for vehicles between April and November and for tracked-over snow vehicles between December and March.

The South and East Entrances from Cody and Jackson, WY are open to vehicles from May through November and to tracked-snow vehicles from December to March.

The Northeast Entrance located near the communities of Cookie City and Silver Gate is also open to vehicles throughout the year.

Roads and Facilities

The closing and opening dates of roads and facilities in the Yellowstone Parks are different. A complete list of these dates is available through the Tourism Department in the area. Construction Schedules all over the park are also announced in advance so that you can plan your trip accordingly. Visitors Center and Warming Huts are also available across park and are open in their respective seasons. Depending on what you want to explore, you can plan your visit to the park in different seasons accordingly since the attractions and activities in the park vary throughout the year.

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