Heritage and Research Center

The Heritage and Research Center (HRC) is located at 20 Old Yellowstone Trail in Gardiner, Montana. The HRC is a modern facility built in-city famous for its historical value. Not only are the local people interested in learning about the history of Gardiner, Montana, but tourists from all over the world are keen to know as much as they can about it.

The Heritage and Research Center is home to Yellowstone National Park’s museum collection, historian and archeology lab, research facility and archives. The facility is spread over 32,000-square-feet and is located on seven acres close to the Gardiner School.

All researchers are encouraged to carry out their researches at other libraries, museums and archives if they wish to conduct preliminary research. The herbarium and archeology labs don’t have an open-door policy. This is due to the field work as well as for the fact that the staff at the research center is limited and should be only approached when the researchers have proper questionnaires or know what historical elements they need to see or gather info about.

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