Lamar Valley

The Serengeti of North America – Lamar Valley is where you’ll see great herds of bison graze and drink water at the river’s edge while immense dust clouds from their migration leave a path in the tranquil morning air. If you’ve always dreamt of going on safari, then you must make Lamar Valley part of your Yellowstone Park vacation.

Wolves, Coyote, Bison, and Elk – The mountains that surround the valley offer a picturesque backdrop for viewing packs of wolves and coyote, and herds of bison. You’ll also see grizzly and black bears, as well as elk and moose, earning Lamar Valley its name as “North America’s Serengeti.”

The best times for viewing wildlife is both at dawn and dusk, when you’ll have both beautiful lighting for pictures, and a greater opportunity to see rare wildlife sightings. Bald eagles, beaver, mountain goats, pronghorn sheep, ducks, great horned-owls and other birds can all be spotted with ease; however, you will enjoy closer viewing with use of binoculars or a spotting scope.

Lamar Valley is more than just a Pretty Picture

While many visit Yellowstone for the scenery and wildlife, Lamar Valley also offers wonderful fly fishing in the summer, and ski trails in the winter. The Lamar River is known for fishing cutthroat and rainbow trout; and the Spring snow melt in late June and July offers the best time for fishing. The Lamar Valley Trail is a gorgeous 5.3 mile that begins four miles east of the Lamar Ranger Station that should not be missed, and the Slough and Pebble Campgrounds offer beautiful campsites for those visitors who want to stay overnight.

Be sure to allow yourself enough time to enjoy this area. Guides are plentiful in the park system, and can provide a wonderfully rich experience for first-time visitors. They have the knowledge and equipment to help you experience many of the less obvious wildlife in the park. Also, the grasslands are much more open than the southern area of the park, so plan to take advantage of the full scope of the valley.

If you like natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and the serenity and majesty of America’s natural parks, plan your trip to Lamar Valley. You’ll never forget the sites, wildlife, and rich sense of belonging that only comes from enjoying nature’s untouched beauty.

Lamar Valley is located in the northeast section of Yellowstone Park between Tower Junction and the park’s Northeast Entrance near Cooke City. Vehicles enter between Gardiner (North Entrance) and Cooke City (Northeast Entrance.)

If you would like a guided tour to see the Lamar Valley we recommend to consider the  “2-Day Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks Wildlife Adventure,” or the “4-Day Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks Wildlife Adventure.”