Plan Your Visit

The key to a “successful” Yellowstone National Park trip is to plan your itinerary in advance. If you plan to visit the area for just one day, a week, or even a month, its crucial that you put together a very detailed itinerary of what will be your priorities. Vacations are limited in time and you want to use your time wisely.

First on your list should be a plan to get there. If you plan on flying into the Park the closest airport locations will be Denver, Salt Lake City, and Billings. (Billings will be closest at around a 2 hour drive from the park) There are a few smaller airports that some of the major carriers do not serve that may be nearer. If you reside within driving distance (for most people that means a few hundred miles) then you can pack up your car, minivan, or truck and head towards the park. You can check out the Direction page, and Maps for additional driving directions.

Lodging – Before you arrive you need to decide where to stay. Yellowstone National Park offers many options when it comes to staying overnight. You can stay in the park proper via camping, or stay in a modern facility such as the Old Faithful Inn. Places to stay are broken down into three main locations. The North Gate Entrance, West Gate Entrance, and East Gate Entrance.

  • North Gate– Those who decide to stay by the North Entrance of Yellowstone will enjoy the views of the majestic Montana Mountain communities from Livingston to Gardiner. The location is great if you plan to visit the Roosevelt Arch and Paradise Valley. You will also be next to the Yellowstone river with a nice view of the surrounding Mountains. This is the only entrance to the park that is open to driving vehicles all year round. To check for lodging availability Click on the following link: North Gate Lodging Options
  • West Gate– This location offers quite a large amount of options. Besides the traditional Hotels/Motels, you can choose cabins, ranches, and even dude ranches. You will be close to the towns of Butte, and Missoula in Montana. At the same time you are quite close to West Yellowstone and Salt Lake City in Utah. The West Entrance location is generally open from April through early November for regular vehicles. Snow enabled vehicles have access even during the winter months. To check for lodging availability Click on the following link: West Gate Lodging Options
  • East Gate– Many travels will claim that this is the best location to stay because its the closest to the most scenic views of Yellowstone Park. If you stay here you will be within 50 miles of Cody, Wyoming. (The old stomping grounds of Buffalo Bill) This is the location of Wapiti Valley where you will have access to the panoramic views of the Absaroka range. The East Gate is generally opened to wheeled vehicles from May to Dec, and to snow enabled vehicles from Dec through March. To check for lodging availability Click on the following link: East Gate Lodging Options

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Dining (Top 10) – You know you will get hungry, and this one will certainly end up very high on your list. After a long day of hiking and sightseeing, a delicious hot meal can be the perfect way to relax, unwind, and recharge before starting a new day and Yellowstone Park offers a number of options for every taste and price…READ MORE

Tours & Adventures – It is said that you can spend a lifetime exploring the many sites of Yellowstone National Park and even that will not be enough for you to fully discover the secrets of this great park. Plan a trip to the Shoshone Lake or towards the Yellowstone Lake by the south. You can hike your way towards Gran Teton and reward your eyes with the beautiful mountaintops. If you’re feeling adventurous, let a guide take you to Grand Teton’s summit, the view from which is awe-inspiring…READ MORE

Here are a few of our favorite picks: (Also check out the top 10 Attractions)

  • The Serengeti of North AmericaLamar Valley is where you’ll see great herds of bison graze and drink water at the river’s edge while immense dust clouds from their migration leave a path in the tranquil morning air. If you’ve always dreamt of going on safari, then you must make Lamar Valley part of your Yellowstone Park vacation…READ MORE
  • Mammoth Hot Springs – An Other-Worldly Experience at Yellowstone Park. The ghost-like formations of white limestone at Mammoth Hot Springs makes it one of Yellowstone Park’s most dynamic and best loved sites. Steam from the hot springs infuses the sunlight with a rainbow of colors, and the outdoor limestone stalagmites and stalactites are other-worldly...READ MORE
  • Grand Canyon of Yellowstone – Whether it is winter or spring, you get a different view every season. Also, one of the biggest attractions of Yellowstone, it boasts the most beautiful landscapes on its two-and-a-half-mile North Rim Trail. Carved out by the Yellowstone River, this Grand Canyon is a 24-mile long chasm of a hiker’s dream….READ MORE

Last Minute Deals – We have gathered all the current discounts, coupons, and new deals available for all the Yellowstone Park area adventures, Hotels, & Restaurants. Please see the current selection and check back often as we try and update any new offers daily...READ MORE

Packing Tips for a Good Trip – If you don’t pack properly then you are sure to ruin your experience. If you plan on hiking and doing some serious walking through the park, bring shoes that are built for such types of situations. Make sure they are sturdy and water–resistant. Some trails can be messy and muddy. Remember that Yellowstone National Park is spread over different altitudes, elevating between 5,000 and 11,000 feet. It can get really chilly at night and warm during the day so bring a backpack with extra clothes to adjust with the weather changes. Bring lots of water, insect repellants and a first-aid kit.

Summer or Winter, Yellowstone National Park is a Go! – Unlike some parks, the Yellowstone National Park is a spectacle to behold during both winter and summer seasons. You can enjoy a completely unique adventure in both seasons and even if you do, there will still be something amazing that you may have missed.

In summation, Yellowstone Park is seeping in history and beauty making it one of the places everyone should visit at some point in their life. If have visited and experienced the charm and beauty of Yellowstone you know you will be back. Make sure to Visit our Map pages. You can download and Print them in PDF. Click here to view and download maps.