Bicycling at Yellowstone

Biking at Yellowstone National Park – Yellowstone Park offers some of the most scenic and relaxing paths for bicycling in all of North America where visitors can see geysers and thermal features, wildlife, wild flowers, canyons and lakes, and beautiful mountain vistas.

Bicycling is permitted on established public roads, parking areas, and designated routes. Rugged bikers who can navigate the park’s rough terrain, large numbers of cars and RV trailers, and inclement weather, are sure to experience an adventurous day. Less-hardy bicyclists will enjoy the bicycle-only trails that are extraordinarily peaceful and environmentally-friendly.

Bicycling Routes – Yellowstone offers a great array of gravel roads for mountain biking, including Old Gardiner Road and Blacktail Plateau Drive. Bikers will share these roads with cars, so they are best suited for mature and experienced bikers.
Yellowstone does offer a number of routes that are restricted to bicycle and foot travel only. These trails are perfect for less experienced bikers, seniors, and families with small children.

Mammoth Area – The Mammoth area offers three trails: an abandoned railroad bed paralleling the Yellowstone River between Gardner and the park boundary at Reese Creek (5 miles), the Bunsen Peak Road (6 miles), and the Golden Gate Service Road between Golden Gate and Joffe Lake (1.5 miles).

West Entrance Area – West Entrance area has the Riverside Trail which runs from the entrance to Barnes Road (1.4 miles).

Old Faithful Area – The Old Faithful area has four beautifully scenic biking trails including Fountain Freight Road, located 6 miles north of Old Faithful (mountain bikes recommended, 5.5 miles), the Daisy Geyser cut-off to Biscuit Basin, the paved trail in front of Old Faithful Lodge to Morning Glory Pool (2 miles), and Lone Star Geyser Road (just past the Kepler Cascades’ pullout) from the Grand Loop Road to Lone Star Geyser (2 miles).

Lake Area – The Lake area has two trails for bikers: Natural Bridge Road near Bridge Bay (1 mile), and the old roadbed near the lakeshore, between Lake Hotel and where the roadbed joins the main road, south of Lake Junction (1 mile).

Tower Area – The Tower area has one trail beginning at Mount Washburn from the Chittenden Road parking area to the summit of Mount Washburn (3 miles).
Visitors to the park can bring their own bikes, or they can be rented by Xanterra Parks and Resorts at their Old Faithful location. The park recommends that bikers wear safety gear, including helmet and high visibility clothing, and that visitors use extreme caution when riding on park roads. Additionally, high snow banks (April-June) and road elevations make biking dangerous, so visitors who want to take the most out of their biking tour of Yellowstone, should take time to plan their vacation according to their fitness and adventure level.