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Yellowstone places to go

There is no other park in the world that boasts more than 300 geysers and 10,000 thermal features. Yellowstone National Park is and has always been unique. The number of places you can go to in just one park is more than any other park in the world. There is a waterfall twice as tall as Niagara Falls and a canyon that is big and deep enough to behold the name ‘grand’. The six must see/visit places at Yellowstone National Park are:

>The Boiling River – This is a hot spring named the Boiling River that flows into the Gardiner River. It causes the hot and cold water to converge in pools, giving off the look of a steamy river. This is also a good place to spot elks, bighorn sheep and pronghorns.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone – Whether it is winter or spring, you get a different view every season. Also, one of the biggest attractions of Yellowstone, it boasts the most beautiful landscapes on its two-and-a-half-mile North Rim Trail. Carved out by the Yellowstone River, this Grand Canyon is a 24-mile long chasm of a hiker’s dream….READ MORE

Grand Prismatic Spring – Located five miles north of the Old Faithful Geyser, Grand Prismatic Spring is the third largest spring in the world and the largest spring in the US. It has trails around it with misty fringed pools, deep blue waters and beautiful algae rings that give off a rainbow-colored look.

The Serengeti of North America – Lamar Valley is where you’ll see great herds of bison graze and drink water at the river’s edge while immense dust clouds from their migration leave a path in the tranquil morning air. If you’ve always dreamt of going on safari, then you must make Lamar Valley part of your Yellowstone Park vacation…READ MORE

Other than these main attractions, there are several other places you can visit in Yellowstone:

  • Mammoth Hot Springs – An Other-Worldly Experience at Yellowstone Park. The ghost-like formations of white limestone at Mammoth Hot Springs makes it one of Yellowstone Park’s most dynamic and best loved sites. Steam from the hot springs infuses the sunlight with a rainbow of colors, and the outdoor limestone stalagmites and stalactites are other-worldly...READ MORE
  • Mt Washburn – Mt. Washburn offers one of the best viewpoints of Yellowstone Park.  At 10,243 feet, it is the largest mountain peak in the Washburn Mountain Range it offers extraordinary views of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Lake, and the Grand Teton Mountains. Visitors can reach the top…READ MORE
  • Artists Point – The exquisite colors of yellow, ochre, sienna and red combine with green, blue, and turquoise envelope the slopes of the Grand Canyon, to create Artist’s Point, Yellowstone Park’s most scenic vista. The views from this point are almost worth the entire effort…READ MORE
  • Yellowstone Outfitters – Jett Hitt doesn’t mind if you are a city slicker or seasoned cowboy.  The only thing he cares about is that you have an incredible, awe-inspiring horseback tour of the Yellowstone wilderness that will stay with you forever. Yellowstone Park’s backwoods are one of the nation’s greatest treasures…READ MORE
  • Yellowstone’s Best-Known Wildlife Habitat – Naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts love Yellowstone Park’s Hayden Valley. This lush green valley is best known as a flourishing wildlife habitat teeming with grizzly and black bears; herds of bison, elk, deer, and moose; and coyote, fox, and wolves…READ MORE
  • Tower Roosevelt
  • Canyon Village
  • Lake Village
  • Bridge Bay
  • Fishing Bridge
  • Lewis Lake

There is no shortage of amazing places to visit in Yellowstone National Park.