Yellowstone Outfitters

Horseback Tours for City Slickers and Seasoned Cowboys – Jett Hitt doesn’t mind if you are a city slicker or seasoned cowboy. The only thing he cares about is that you have an incredible, awe-inspiring horseback tour of the Yellowstone wilderness that will stay with you forever.

Yellowstone Park’s backwoods are one of the nation’s greatest treasures, but much of the beauty of its 3,740 square miles remains unseen. Through a variety of horseback and camping tours, Hitt and his team of guides, horses, wranglers, and cooks bring park visitors into those wilds to experience the splendor of untouched American’s wilds.

Variety of Rides to Choose From – Whether you are interested in a day ride (four to seven hours) or a pack trip (six days), Yellowstone Outfitters will create the perfect vacation for you. Their half and full day tours take riders into some of the more fascinating areas of Yellowstone, and their Paddle and Saddle packages include river rafting on the Yellowstone River.

During the day, your guides will take you horseback riding, fly fishing, or hiking, or you can choose to simply rest and just enjoy the beautiful vistas. Pack trips canvas the entire 1,200 miles of trails in the park, and visitors will see the most important features that helped found Yellowstone National Park. Additionally, Yellowstone Outfitters offers fly fishing pack trips, including trips to Slough Creek, the Snake and Lamar Rivers, and the Thorofare.

Meadows, Hoodoos, and Forests – Rides take you through meadows, desert hoodoo (tall rock formations), forest, and mountain cliff trails, and is well-worth the price. The company provides well-informed, licensed guides; pack mules that carry personal belongings; well-trained horses, saddles and saddle bags; three-season tents; and three square meals per day.

Tour guides are very professional and are excellent horsemen, using their experience and knowledge to pair beginner riders with the appropriate (docile) horse. Beginners ride along more experienced riders so there is ample support when riding through Yellowstone’s gorgeous forests, open mountains and water ways.

The guides are very familiar with the locations where wildlife gather, and you’ll likely see deer, elk, bear, bison, and eagles on your tour. They’ll also explain the history, biology, botany, and local stories of the different areas you are visiting.

Home-made lunch includes sandwiches, fresh fruit and cookies. Guests with dietary concerns should let the team know in advance so that special meals can be arranged. Previous guests report that the food is excellent, plentiful, and even improves with each day out on the ride.

The vistas on each day of the pack tours change according to the weather, and you’ll see rivers, dry meadows, rocky trails, and deep wood forests. Even get to soak sore muscles in the Mr. Bubbles natural hot tub, and relax in the Union Falls swimming hole.

The company offers a very helpful Yellowstone Vacation Page on its site that includes a Visitors Guide, a Camping Guide and everything that you will need to make your vacation complete. The Maps page allows guests to compare the routes and prices of various trips, and the Sample Trip Page will explains an entire pack trip with 28 photos.

This is truly Yellowstone camping at its best. You’ll make lifelong friends, and memories that will last a lifetime. There is simply no better way to see Yellowstone National Park.